Saturday, January 17, 2009

Delia's Heart

Author V.C Andrews

Delia's Heart is the second series in the New Delia series. I have to admit that I wasn't real thrilled with the first book. I thought that the first book had way to much spanish as where this one was a little better. Its kinda hard to read a book in a language you don't know. In this book Delia is getting use to living a rich life . She has a aunt that is just plain evil. Her boyfriend from the last book Indigo is still in hidding and is finally caught because of her cousin Sophia. Delia falls for a well to do young man that steals her heart and ends up getting her pg. He ends up dying leaving her pg and alone. Her evil aunt kicks her out and she is faced pg and homeless. Adans' dad comes to her rescue and offers her a place to stay so he can live with his grandchild. Not the best series for the vc andrew collection. But I do have to say this book was a lot better than the first. The plot thickens and now its time to read the next one.

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